Monday, February 11, 2008

Sweets for My Sweet - Adam Chen

1. Island Creamery

This unique ice-cream parlour makes its ice-cream fresh every day and best of all, they have eclectic flavours like pulut hitam, pineapple tart, and even Guiness stout! A must try if you're an ice-cream fan. They also have a cold stone slab (like the famous Cold Stone Creamery in the US) for mixing your ice-cream with your desired toppings. In Sweets for my Sweet, their colourful Jello shots was also featured. The ice-cream looked so tantalising on TV that I made my way down to try it out for myself. I ordered the chendol ice-cream, which had generous amounts of red beans and green jelly. The coconut flavour was not overpowering, and the serving size was rather generous - their single scoop is in actual fact, two scoops! I also tried the nutella and teh tarik. Their teh tarik ice-cream was so good that I bought a whole tub home for the family.

Location: 10 Jln Serene, #01-05 Serene Centre

Price range: $2.50 for a scoop, $8 for a tub.

2. Le Pont De Vie

A less well-known French restaurant in the Bras Brasah district with a quiet, relaxing ambience. Said to be a good place to bring a girl to on the first date (in the words of Adam Chen). Watch out for your wallet though, because like all French restaurants, prices are steep!

Location: 42 Waterloo St

Price range: $16 - $18 for desserts

Here is a link to their menu.

3. Infuzi

A modern European restaurant located at (surprise, surprise) the Biopolis. Glad to know that there's good food available nearby for scientists who love their food like me! The bright and sophisticated decor gives it an unexpectedly chic and sleek look. The Grand Marnier Souffle with Vanilla ice-cream was featured in the show, and both Michelle and Jade exclaimed about its airy and light texture. Coconut enthusiasts should try the caramelised pineapple with coconut ice-cream.

Location: 10 Biopolis Road, Chromos Block #01-01.

Price range: $14-$24 for dessert, $32 - $90 for main course (wagyu beef!)

Here is a link to their ala carte menu.

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